DIRECTIONS to The Condor's Nest Ranch: 

Please follow these directions so you don't get lost!

  It's OK to use your GPS or Mapquest, etc. to get to the Pala Casino, located in Pala California, 92059.

From here:  you will then continue on Highway 76 going EAST for 1.5 miles.  You will pass the "Fox Raceway" on your left, the very next left is a small poorly marked road called MAGEE ROAD.  You will make a LEFT on Magee Road.

You will continue on Magee Road for 3.5 miles.  (this will feel like forever!) 

Once you see a little yellow house on your left hand side, directly across from it on the right hand side you will see Large Gates and a sign that says: The Condor's Nest Ranch.  

Please call us 949-290-6088 when you have arrived and we will open the gate and show you around!

If you are coming for a Wedding at The Condor's Nest Ranch, please catch the SHUTTLE at the Pala Casino Hotel Lobby, it will say "The Condor's Nest Ranch" as well as the last names of the Couple that is getting married!  They do offer Free Parking at the Casino, so park and take the Shuttle to the Wedding!